Red Chillies Exporters in India

Looking for high-quality Indian Red Chili then you have come to the right place, we export high-quality Indian Red Chillies to various destinations around the world. We source quality Red Chillies directly from farmers in India, we separate the red Chillies according to their grades and export them to our customer's requirements. We pack the Red Chili as per our customer choice and preference to destinations of their choice. We are one of the leading Red Chili exporters from India exporting high-quality red chili fruit, Red Chili paste and red chilly powder to any destinations around the world.

What is Red Chilli?

Red Chili is ripened and dried fruit of green chili. Red Chili is well known for its hot flavor around the world, it is used in various dishes and cuisines for its hot flavor and for its taste in India and countries around the world.

Importance of Red Chilli

Red Chili is an important spice for Indians, it is used widely in most Indian and south Indian dishes and cuisines for its flavor and taste. Indians traditionally loves spicy and masala foods. India is the largest exporter and consumer of red chilies world wide. Indian loves their hot flavored chilies and uses them extensively in their dishes for their spicy flavor. Chilies were first cultivated in South America and introduced to South India in 14 th century. Red chilies are one of the most traded spices around the world.

Red Chilli Suppliers

We are eager to work with you for your requirements and are hundred percent confident that we will supply the right products you are looking for. We are one of the leading Red Chili Suppliers from India providing world class products to suit your custom requirements.

About Red Chilli

Red Chili is a small plant and grows up from 2 feet to 2 meters and it depends on the variety. Chilli plant has small shiny leaves and their fruit varies in sizes, the plant lives up to five years. There are about 25 varieties of red chili available today and they originate from central and south America. They are available in two shapes called as long or finger chilies, short or bulb chilies, we export both short and long red chilies according to our customer requirements.

Varieties of Red Chillies

Bulb Chillies exporters in India

Bulb Long or Finger Chilies

Finger Short or Bulb shape Chillies Exporters in India

Finger Short or Bulb shape Chillies

Medicinal use of Chillies

Red Chilies have capsaicin anti bacterial and anti inflammatory which helps to dissolve blood clots and prevents wrinkles, Green chilies improve the metabolism of your body and help in weight loss by burning the calories. Red Chilies are traditionally used as medicine in India for digestive problems, for insect and dog bites. Green Chilies Contains vitamin A which is fat soluble and prevents lung cancer.

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For your Red Chillies or Green Chillies needs do contact us, we are ready to export them to any destinations around the world. or call +91 98430 49705

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