Curry Leaves Powder Exporters in India

Looking for Dehydrated Curry Leaves power? Then you have come to the right place we Thanu Exports is one of the leading exporters of Indian Curry Leaves powder to your favorite destinations. We source the best curry leaves from the farmers in around Tamilnadu, only the best leaves are sourced and processed using dehydrated technology to retain its flavor and niches. If you are looking for high - quality curry leaves powder at competitive pricing? then Thanu Exports can help you in delivering the best to suit your requirements.

Benefits of Curry Leaves Powder

Curry Leaves are used for hundreds of years in Indian cooking, It adds a special flavor to the dishes, Indian loves their curry leaves. It is used in wide range of dishes from vegetarian to nonvegetarian. Curry leaves are traditionally used to cure hair problems, it is believed that it controls hair loss and helps to prevent premature hair graying. It is believed that Curry leaves helps increase milk production in new mothers. Long shelf life, easy to mix, save time and money.

Curry Leaves Powder Exporters in India


We have mentioned below some of our packing sizes, if you require any specific quantity or quality packing do contact us for the same.

5 kilograms, 10 kilograms, 20 kilograms, 30 kilograms as required by buyer

Consumer Packing

Curry Leaves Powder Exporters in India
  • 200 Gs. Slab x 50 Packets = 10 Kgs In A Master Carton
  • 400 Gs. Slab x 50 Packets = 20 Kgs In A Master Carton
  • 500 Gs. Slab x 20 Packets = 10 Kgs In A Master Carton
  • 500 Gs. Slab x 40 Packets = 20 Kgs In A Master Carton
  • 1 Kgs Slab x 20 Packets = 20 Kgs In A Master Carton
  • Aluminium foil packing on request
  • Private labelling possible
  • Custom packing possible
  • Branding


We are a great team working with a passion for delivering the right products at right time at competitive cost. With more than a decade of experience in exporting several products to different locations around the globe. Our real strength is our customer friendly team with professional experience in working with various products and commodities.

With experience, we clearly know that time is money. We work as a team to deliver the products on time every time. We have worked with several importers around the world and we clearly know what people expect from us. We strive that extra mile to make our clients happy, we clearly know that a happy client will bring in more clients with his/her positive feed back.

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Export items Curry Leaves powder

If you are looking for Curry Leaves powder then do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 49705

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