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Looking for high-quality papaya pulp with hygienic packing then we Thanu exports can help you in finding the best papaya pulp/puri to suit your requirements. We select the best papayas and allow them to naturally ripen. The ripen papayas are cut and seeds are removed hygienically using high Tech machinery. The pulp is quality checked and stored in the sterile environment. We have a dynamic quality process to value the quality of the papaya pulp/puri. If you are looking for huge quality of papaya pulp with high quality then Thanu exports are the right answer, we are one of the leading Papaya Pulp exporters in India.

Our Team

We are a strong team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in the export industry. Our vision is to export the best products to our beloved customers around the globe. Being a professional team we understand that a satisfied customer brings in more business than any other marketing means. As a team, we work closely with our clients to deliver the best papaya pulp/Puri to meet our client's requirements. With more than fifteen years of experience and exposure, we clearly understand that there is no alternate for quality, we always export the best quality products to make our customers happy.

What is Papaya Pulp?

Papaya pulp is nothing but the inner, fleshy, delicious, sweet and edible part of the ripen papaya fruit. Papaya is hollow inside with seeds scattered all over it.

Uses of Papaya Pulp

Papaya fruit Pulp is widely used all over the world for its rich flavor and taste. It is used to manufacture fruit juices, Fruit bars, Drinks, Jams, Marmalades, Squashes, ice creams, and salads. Papaya is loaded with nutrients and used in several home remedies.

Medicinal use of Papaya

For centuries our ancestors used Papaya to treat several ailments like dengue fever, heart issues, rheumatoid arthritis, skin issues, atherosclerosis, digestive issues, mouth ulcers and lung issues. Papaya contains flavonoids namely lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin and antioxidants. Used in cosmetic industries for its anti aging properties.

Refractometric Brix @ 20 Deg Cel : 8 Brix
Acidity As % Anhyd. Citric Acid : : 0.4 – 0.6%
Foreign materials : Absent
Coliform Count cfu / gm : Absent
Preservative : Absent
Colour : yellow, orange
Flavour & Aroma : Typical, natural papaya flavor,
Maximum Storage Temp : - @25 Deg. Cel.
Shelf life : 24 Months @ +10 Deg. Cel, 18 Months @ 25

Nearest Port – Cochin, Chennai
Export items – Papaya pulp/puri

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