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We export high - quality Coir Pith to any destinations around the globe, we Thanu Exports a trusted name in offering highly customized solutions as per customer requirements. Our customer friendly approach separates us from our competitors, we never say no to our customer requirements and specifications. We tirelessly work to fulfill our customer orders by sourcing the exact products as per our customer requirements. Being one of the leading Coco peat exporters in India, we under stand that customer satisfaction is the best marketing idea, as the satisfied customer becomes your unpaid salesman where he / she promotes your brand to their friends and relatives. We are proud to say that Thanu exports have gained a reputation that we would supply only quality products for our customers by maintaining high quality at competitive prices and delivering the goods at a time, every time.

What is Coir Pith - Coco Peat

Coir pith is the by product of coconut fiber when all long fiber is removed from the husk the powdery, dust which is left over is collected and washed, heat treated, screened, graded and processed to form Coir Pith.

Advantages of using Coir Pith


With more than fifteen years of solid experience, we know the quality is paramount in exporting high-quality coco peat. We choose the best raw materials so that the end products are of great quality. We never compromise quality for the money, we clearly know out of experience know that in long run, only quality speaks.

Our Team

Flexible team with experience and exposure in handling coco peat exports in India of any complexity and any quantity. Once we receive the order from the client, our team are dedicated to source the coir peat and quality check them and export them on time, every time.

Our real strength is our team with more than a decade of professional experience in dealing with several buyers around the world for their coco peat needs. Our management team is experienced with more than fifteen years of experience in working with customers around the globe. We work as a team to process the order and achieve the goal to finish the work on time every time.

Nearest Port – Cochin, Chennai
Export items – Coir Pith – Coco Peat

If you are looking for Coir Pith – Coco Peat then do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 49705

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