Moringa Leaf Powder exporters in India

Looking for exporters and suppliers of Moringa Leaf powder, Moringa Seeds, Moringa flowers, and Moringa leaf then you have come to the right place, we export Moringa Leaf or Moringa powder of any quantity to any locations around the world. We process the Moringa organically to safe guard its vital nutrients and export them to your destinations.

Benefits of Moringa

Moringa is wonder plant and it has been cultivated in South India from ancient times. South Indians are using Moringa leaf in their diet and know the health benefits of it. It is believed in Indian traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Siddha that Moringa (Drum Stick) can cure more than 300 diseases. Various researches on this wonder leaves are proving us right now.


We export high-quality Moringa leaf powder which under goes various quality testing to ensure to meet international quality demands. Our motto is to provide a high-quality product with the competitive cost so that our customer benefits with association with us. We understand that quality products speak for itself and customers are also looking for quality rather than the cheap alternative. We educate the customer that quality comes with a cost. Being one of the leading exporters of Moringa leaf powder in India we understand our customer's requirements with experience in working with several buyers around the globe.

About Moringa Tree

Moringa tree grows about 10 meters in height and its branches is slender and easily breakable with drooping branches. The leaves, stem, seeds, flowers, bark, and roots have medicinal values.

Moringa Leaf Powder exporters in India
Moringa Leaf Powder exporters in India

Health Benefits of Moringa plant

  • Moringa helps you to fully nourish, energize and revitalize your body
  • Helps to improve milk production in mothers
  • Moringa leaves are richer in Vitamin C and it is seven times higher than found in Oranges
  • Moringa Leaves are rich in Calcium and comparatively 4 times higher than in Milk
  • Moringa Leaves are rich in Vitamin A and comparatively 4 times higher than in Carrots
  • Moringa are rich in Potassium and comparatively 3 times higher than in Bananas
  • Moringa are rich in Protein and comparatively 2 times higher than in yogurt. The recent research found that it has better protein than soy because of its non allergic nature.
  • Moringa buds are used to cure headaches by rubbing them in the forehead
  • Helps you reduce the glandular swelling
  • It is believed to reduce sugar levels and helps in curing diabetics
  • Helps in reducing the blood pressure.
  • Decreases the wrinkles and fine lines in the skin
  • Antioxidant and anti inflammatory
  • Increases the immunity
  • Provides natural nourishment to your brain and eyes
  • Provides nutrients for your body and relieves from stress related diseases

Botanical name – Moringa Oleifera
Family - Moringaceae
Nearest Port – Cochin, Chennai
Export items – Moringa Leaf Powder

If you are looking for Moringa Leaf Powder then do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 49705

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