Coconut Shell Powder Exporters in India

If you are looking for Coconut shell powder is bulk quantity then TTT Exports is the right place, just forward your inquiry and rest our management team would take care. We are one of the leading Coconut Shell power exporters in India offering high-quality coconut shell power in any quantity. Coconut shell powder is manufactured from matured, dried shells. Coconut shell powder is widely used in several industries because of its uniformity, chemical combinations, water absorbent and better resistance to fungal attacks.

If you are looking for coconut shell powder in bulk quantity then we can help you in delivering the quantity and with the quality, you are looking for. Being one of the leading coconut shell powder suppliers in India we understand the importance of quality and on time delivery. We have happy customers around the globe who come back to us for their coconut shell powder needs. We follow strict quality measures to ensure that what we deliver is the best.


We offer high - quality coconut shell power without any contamination and chemicals. We select the best shells so that the quality remains the same. Our quality system ensures that the best is delivered to our customers.


If you are looking for best coconut shell powder then our professional team can help you to source the best from south India. We have more than fifteen years of experience in exporting a wide range of products to various countries at competitive cost. We study your requirements carefully and then source the best coconut shell powder which meets your needs and your budget. Contact us for your coconut shell needs.

Some of the uses of coconut shell powder

  • Bio degradable, so it is environment friendly
  • Used for manufacturing Activated Carbon
  • Used in cleaning solutions as mild abrasive
  • Active carbon is used in filtration systems to remove the impurities
  • Used as filler for synthetic resins
  • Used in manufacturing agarbathis
  • Used in manufacturing mosquito coil
  • Used in manufacturing plywoods
  • Used in Glues
  • Used in Synthetic resins
  • Used in manufacturing laminated boards
  • Used in potting soil
  • Computer sambarani
  • Scented Sticks
  • It is used as compound filler in the manufacture of phenolic molding powder

Bio Degradable

Coconut Shell powder suppliers in India

Environment Friendly

Coconut Shell powder exporters in India

Coconut Shell Powder Technical Specification

Moisture10 per cent max.
Appearance Clear light brown free flowing powder
Sieve analysisBS sieve Retained on 200 mesh will not exceed 0.1%
Apparent density0.6 to 0.7 g/cc
Ash content1.5 max.

Nearest Port – Cochin, Chennai
Export items – Coconut Shell Powder

If you are looking for Coconut Shells Powder in bulk quantity then do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 49705

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