Indian Semi Husked Coconut Exporters

We export high quality Semi husked Coconuts to any customer prefered destinations around the globe. Dry coconuts are processed and cleaned with automatic machineries to deliver the best Dry Coconuts available in the market. We have more than a decade of experience in sourcing De Husked Coconuts at affordable cost and exporting to various destinations around the world. We harvest the best coconuts with best shape, size andmatured for exporting. Our team check the coconuts for quality and choose the best to be exported in various destinations around the world.

We have worked with several importing agencies and know that quality is always king. We analyse the customers requirements like size, weight and quality of De Husked coconuts requirements and then supply the best Semi Husked Coconuts at competitive cost. We are one of the leading Semi husked Coconut exporters in India offering wide range of Dry/De Husked coconuts in fast turn around time.

Indian Semi Husked Coconut Exporters

What is coconut?

Coconut tree belongs to arecaceae family, There are over 100 species of coconuts found in 80 countries around the world. It grows from about 10 feet to 100 feet in height. Coconut trees grows great in trophical and sub trophical climate. Botanically, Coconut is considered as drupe not a nut.


We ensure the semi husked coconut we deliver is of superior quality by testing it in every stage of process. With more than a decade of experience in handling complex requirements from client all over the globe, we are professionals at handling the requirements with ease and satisfy them by exporting the best semi husked coconuts at competitive price.


We are professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in exports industry. We work tirelessly to procure the best coconuts to suit our customer needs. Our team is qualified, dedicated, hardworking and honest to deliver the best in crunch situation to meet our customer needs. We understand that each customer has different requirements and demands, we get the customers requirements and work on to deliver the best.

Uses of coconut

  • Coconut is used to manufacture coconut oil.
  • Used in cooking famous south indian dishes like chutney, sambar and curry’s
  • Coconut leaves are used to build houses
  • Coconut bark is used to build roofs for houses
  • Coconut is used in cosmetic industries
  • Coconut leaves are used in festivals
  • Coconut flowers are used in poojas
  • Coconut is used in poojas
  • Coconut is the used for manufacturing activated carbon
  • Coconut shell powder is used to manufacture plywoods
  • Coconut is excellent source of minerals
  • Coconut shell are used to create beautiful handicrafts which are in huge demands
Coconut Exporters in India

Semi Husked Coconuts

Consumer Packing

Weight500 Gms to 650 Gms
Shelf Life 50 days from packing
1 Bag25 Coconuts per bag
20 feet container900 bags
40 feet container1850 bags

Nearest Port – Cochin, Chennai
Export items – Indian Semi Husked Coconut

If you are looking for Semi Husked Coconut in bulk quantity then do contact us at or call us at +91 98430 49705

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